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The retail space a decade ago is vastly different from what it is today, the most significant factor being the boom of e-commerce and the introduction of more direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands.

The construction industry is growing and evolving each year making it an extremely cutthroat and competitive market. However, there are many companies which are seeing increased sales and better customer relationships during this time. These are the companies who avoid making the mistake of cutting costs. Instead, they spend money to improve customer relationships, establish a niche market and implement quality materials and equipment into their projects. In turn, these companies still end up making a significant profit as customers can see their efforts, therefore creating trust that the construction company will provide the customer with quality service.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice to increase your website rank on a search engine result page (SERP) so that your website can get more traffic. It is similar to moving your store from a small town closer to the city where most your target customers live, to get more walk-ins, and subsequently achieve more sales. The same logic is applied to a business’ website, however the way of doing this is drastically different, where 96.8% of small business fail at SEO because they don’t understand how to boost their company’s SEO.

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In Australia, 88% of companies are considered small businesses. If you don’t operate your business on digital portals, you are not existing in markets. Marketing your business in the digital world undoubtedly helps raise your brand awareness and attract customers. Recruiting sophisticated marketing experts is critical for companies to grow. 

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In Australia, 88% of companies are considered as small businesses. If your business doesn't have a digital presence, then you are not exciting the market as nowadays much of our world is online. Marketing your business in the digital world is undoubtedly helping to raise brand awareness and attracting more customers to buy your products. Recruiting marketing experts is critical for companies to grow financially and in terms of their digital presence and visibility. 
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It's fair to say that the last two years have presented small businesses worldwide with their fair share of challenges. Many of Australia's small business owners have been unable to financially stand on their own two feet, requiring monetary support from the government, which hasn't always been available. While initially the challenge mainly lied in the form of financial hardship, the focus has now shifted towards the healthcare system's capacity and protecting vulnerable people. While the government has continued to change the testing requirements, placing increasing reliance on rapid antigen tests (RATs) to relieve the PCR testing waits, there is a larger truth about this changing dynamic that many are not aware of.


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As a second-year commerce student, and someone who has always been interested in the In’s and Out’s of marketing, being offered an internship with Marketing Eye was a dream come true. Whilst I do love my university degree and am no doubt learning the key fundamentals that will assist me in my future careers, it is all relatively theoretical. At Marketing Eye, and in my position as an intern, I was given the chance to actively use the skills I have been taught, engage with real-life tasks, and ask deeper industry-specific questions. 

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Like many, I’ve been afraid to have think for myself, express my opinions or side with people who may secretly share the same thought process as myself. Why? Because at some point in this pandemic I realized that I am a small business owner who has to survive, and I cannot afford to turn off any potential customer or have my existing customers leave because they disagree with my opinions.

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Thursday, 09 September 2021

Where Do We Go After COVID?

Where do we go after COVID?

What does it mean to live a life 'after' COVID? As the economic climate worldwide has failed to remain constant for more than a few days, businesses have been forced to adapt like never before.

With all the uncertainties around the world, one thing is certain; COVID-19 has dramatically shaped the marketing world we now co-exist with. In a survey conducted by the CMO, 72% of marketing leaders claimed the importance of marketing had increased in the last year.

As challenges within the business world continue to rise, opportunities of equal quantities also surface, each an opportunity for marketers to capitalise upon.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had an extreme impact on small businesses globally. These changes have required small businesses to adapt fast in an attempt to overcome the negative ramifications that come with a global pandemic.

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